Logistica We take care of managing the reoperation of your business. We control the returns of purchases, end of season and campaign material, improving in this way the process of production of the business.


ecomerce Day to day the sale online keeps getting more weight next to the physic sale, specially on the sector of fashion. That is why, to carry out a perfect management that suits the continued advancement of ecommerce world is essential to be more competitive in the market. In RMTlogistics we offer ecommerce managing services being provided with the highest and very finest of technologies, adapting to the commercial environment and to our customers.


vestidos The form of arranging garments or material is the key step for the process of selling. In RMTlogistics we follow a studied process of storage adapted to every product either hung or folded.

QA/ Quality Control

calidad In quality control we take care of studying and controlling that the material meets certain pre designed objectives to offer a product with no defects or bad conditions. The satisfaction of our clients is significant for the image of your business.


trabajo The good presentation and the state of the product is vital so that the client ends up showing itself loyal to the brand, which is something that matters a lot to us. That is why, on our workshop service we do ironing and also contribute to tare repairs.

Do you have questions about how to manage the logistics of your company, or need a more efficient process?